Dr. Bao comes from Beijing and has been teaching Chinese (Mandarin) to Europeans in different countries since 1993. She gained her teaching experience not only from giving private lessons to diplomats, managers, students, tourists and children, but also from giving lessons in language schools, companies and evening schools.

Because of her Beijing origin, to learn Chinese with her you are certain that you will be learning standard Chinese. Her unique teaching method makes lessons interesting and enjoyable. From her lessons you will also get to know the Chinese culture, mentality and the real China. She can help a beginner to be ready to live in China after a 100 hour course. All her pupils have passed YCT, the most authoritative and recognized Chinese test, at different levels. Besides teaching Chinese, she also offers Chinese culture trainings, translation and business consulting, based on her scientific background and business experiences.

Dr. Ying Bao
Contact: dr.bao1@gmail.com